How to create the perfect breakroom

Monday, April 16, 2018

Having an employee breakroom should be mandatory for almost every office. Actually, it shouldn’t just be any old breakroom, it needs to the perfect breakroom. Perfect for your employees and for your company culture. Having a small kitchen where your staff can prepare their meals isn’t the same as having a breakroom. And having a breakroom is highly important.

How to create the perfect breakroom

But why is it important? Well, for starters, it improves company culture by encouraging employees to mingle outside of their departments. Through casual chats over coffee and snack breaks, people from different areas of the business will get to know more about what the company does as a whole. And you’ll soon find that people from the accounting department are suddenly excited about something that’s happening in the marketing department. Bonds are formed in the office and the business becomes more united in their goals.

It also increases productivity as people need those few minutes away from their desks to take a deep breath before moving on to their next task. A breakroom gives them a space where they can clear their head of work without having to leave, well, work. And lunchtime will become much easier because everyone can simply eat in the breakroom and not have to go out for lunch.

There are many other reasons why having a breakroom is important. But what we’re focussing on here today is how to create the perfect breakroom to begin with. You’ll see the results for yourself once everything is set up.

Choose the right space to set it up

If you have a large office space where departments are separated by walls and corridors, you need to make sure the breakroom is accessible to everyone. Keep it central so that it instantly becomes neutral territory and not just where one department goes to relax and all the other departments feel uncomfortable walking in there.

It should also be a large enough space that many employees can come to relax at the same time. Most people will want to eat their lunch at around midday and won’t want to have to queue for a place to eat until 3pm. So ensure that there is at least enough space for the majority of your company to take a seat and metaphorically put their feet up (nobody literally wants them to actually have their feet on the tables, obviously).

Keep the colours cheerful

You may want to go with either your corporate colours or the colour scheme of the office. But if your corporate colours or colour scheme consists of dull colours, especially beige or brown, it’s time to take a break from them (pun intended). Energise your staff and get their creative juices flowing with orange, open the space up with blue, add a sense of natural calm with green or stimulate your employees’ minds through the use of yellow. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours, but avoid going too dark, especially if there is no natural light. While they may be thought to be stylish, dark hues are not associated with cheerfulness or productivity.

Comfortable furniture is key

You want your staff to feel like they’re really taking a break when they walk into the room. Which is why you should have more than just the standard tables and chairs. And every seat should be comfortable, whether someone is there to eat lunch, have a quick cup of coffee or chat to a colleague about an idea they’ve had without the pressure of a boardroom.

Of course, you will need the standard tables and chairs for people who’d like to eat without spilling food on themselves. But you should also have a couple of comfy couches for people to relax on. Perhaps even some bean bag seats will help bring home the fact that the breakroom is entirely about taking a break.

What is a breakroom without proper refreshments?

Now, you can’t have a breakroom without refreshments. And you can’t just have any refreshments, especially if you’re going to go through all the trouble of creating the perfect breakroom. The most important refreshment in an office is, naturally, coffee. Nestlé Alegria coffee is known to have a delicious taste and, at the same time, be cost-effective for the company’s wallet. You should also consider adding a bowl of fresh fruit to your breakroom. It will both encourage your employees to have a healthy snack as well as give them a boost of energy. And in-season fresh fruit can be bought without spending too much money.