Our Responsibility

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

At Nestlé Professional, corporate social responsibility is one of our most valued assets. It is an inherent part of our business strategy and guiding principles.

We are more than certain that our future success depends on how well we work to protect our environment. Our commitment to quality, safety, health, wellness, and society as a whole is why we are an award-winning, socially responsible business.


It’s imperative that we consider the effects our business activities have on the environment. We need to keep in mind that we are preserving what is left for our children and grandchildren. At Nestlé Professional, we aim to maintain our stance as leaders in environmental performance.

In order to do so, we align our goals to minimise waste and to protect our resources. The Nestlé group is proud to have acquired awards for this. Rewarded commitment only pushes us to work harder when it comes to protecting the world we live in.

In our eyes, the satisfaction of playing our positive part in corporate social responsibility is the most worthwhile feeling of them all.

How has Nestlé performed over the years?

  • We have drastically reduced water consumption while still increasing levels of production.
  • We improved the environmental effects our products have throughout their life cycle.
  • We promote ethical and sustainable farming methods that preserve soil, water, air, energy and biodiversity.

Quality And Safety

You can be sure that all Nestlé products are safe to consume and comply with all regulations. The Nestlé brand name on our range of goods is our promise to deliver products and services of the highest standards of excellence.

Consistent quality standards are the reason we have remained a successful business.

While our focus lies in providing value for money, we will never compromise safety. Your customers have expectations that need to be met. They will never be disappointed with our products that both look and taste good – every time!

Our business function is to stand with you and to work with you as partners. Quality is a team effort, and we’re here to provide you with knowledgeable and expert advice on how to manage your business from storage to sales. Together, we can continue to satisfy your customers.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

The core of our strength at Nestlé Professional.

At Nestlé Professional, we follow a rigorous Research & Development process that assists us in being a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness. It’s important for us to be aware of our core strengths and to utilise them for your benefit.

Having spoken to our consumers around the world, we understand the growing consciousness around what we drink and eat. People are spending more time taking care of their well-being and hence, we’re working towards innovating our current range of products to be healthier and more nutritious through science and technology.

Here are the three steps we’re taking to improve nutrition, health and wellness:

We’re changing the way we make our products

With the direction the food and beverage industry is moving in, it’s a simple task finding food that is healthy and still tastes great! For example, Our MAGGI sauces, stocks and soups have seen drastic changes to their recipes, now with decreased salt and fat contents.

Nestlé chefs haven’t stopped there. With 100 professional chefs in Nestlé kitchens, we’re consistently working towards reducing levels of sodium, sugar and saturated fats in our food and beverages. And we’re doing it all without compromising the tastes and aromas our customers know and love.

We’re training our people

We’re teaching our employees about nutrition and its importance in our lives. This way, they are better able to explain the health benefits of our range of food and beverages and can discuss how they fit into a balanced diet.

We’re telling you everything you and your customers need to know

With the growing consciousness around what we eat and drink, our customers have a greater desire to know and understand the sort of benefits they could enjoy when consuming Nestlé products.

Now, you can use the opportunity to build your business and to develop greater trust with your customers by assuring them that they can continue to take care of themselves and their wellbeing with products they trust.