Nestlé Professional Makes Master Chefs

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

South Africa has no shortage of talented chefs. Unfortunaltely, few have the opportunity to formalise their training or persue their passion  for food.

Consistent quality, cup after cup
At Nestlé Professional, we have stringent systems and processes that assure the quality of our branded beverages throughout the supply chain. After all, we want your Customers to be delighted, time after time.

The Nestlé Quality System is our internal corporate guide to quality. It forms a key part of Nestlé’s business principles and applies to the whole company and all business processes. It also extends to our business partners.


There are six key aspects of our quality commitment to your business:

  • Customer-preference testing
  • Innovation and freshness
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Consistency and reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability


Customer-preference testing

We constantly carry out Customer-preference testing to ensure our beverages are satisfying your Customers – and we only release new products that are preferred over the leading competitor by 60% or more. We use sophisticated ‘organoleptical’ profiling to ensure we understand exactly what Customers appreciate about our products.

Innovation and freshness

Your Customers value freshness – and we ensure this priority is applied to all our solutions and systems. We aim to provide beverage solutions that are simple to prepare, safe, preferred, and easily served fresh to your Customers.

Safety and hygiene

Our processing and handling of raw materials is defined in strict process guidelines which are carefully audited and controlled. We work constantly with partners to ensure the beverage you serve your Customer is not just of superior quality, but safe in every possible way. That’s why we also publish training kits on quality and safety to help ensure your staff is able to serve quality beverages, time after time.

Consistency and reliability

The reputation of our beverage brands is only as good as your Customers’ last experience. That’s why we stringently test our systems to ensure product safety and reliability – and, should your business experience a problem, you can take advantage of dedicated Nestlé Professional service support to resolve it.


Our efficient beverage systems offer high-quality beverages with minimum waste or mess. Many of our systems offer a range of beverage options, satisfying your Customers’ desire for choice and variety, while maximizing profit for your business.


We constantly strive to improve efficiency and drive down costs, so that we can pass the benefits on to you and your Customers. We make our beverages affordable for you and your Customers in many ways, from optimising processing conditions and geographic sourcing to the fine-tuning of our delivery systems.