Commitment to Quality

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Nestlé Professional follows strict processes throughout to ensure consistent quality standards of our branded food and beverages. After all, we want your customers to be happy, time after time.

The Nestlé Quality System is an internal guide to quality. It is a crucial part of Nestlé’s business principles, applying to the entire company and its business processes. It also extends to our business partners.

There are six key components to our quality commitment to your business:

Customer-preference testing

Tests are constantly carried out to ensure our offerings are satisfying our customers. By using ‘organoleptic’ profiling, we ensure that we understand exactly what our customers enjoy most about our products.

Innovation and freshness

Your customers value fresh products. And we make this a top priority when it comes to our systems and solutions.

Safety and hygiene

By implementing strict process guidelines for the handling of raw materials and publishing training kits for your staff, we ensure that the products your customers receive are of the highest quality and safe in every way.

Consistency and reliability

Our brand is only as good as your customers’ last experience, which is why we constantly test our systems to ensure consistency. If you experience any problems, feel free to contact Nestlé Professional service support.


We create solutions with minimum waste or mess while offering your customers a variety of options to keep them satisfied and you profitable.


By improving efficiency, optimising processing conditions, and fine-tuning our delivery systems, we constantly strive to provide you and your customers with the highest quality, most affordable products.