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Friday, November 29, 2019

Corporate giants and thriving business environments have one thing in common: coffee.

Corporate giants and thriving business environments have one thing in common: coffee. It’s a rewarding hot beverage that boosts productivity, inspires award-winning ideas and drives fruitful negotiations. While it might be a buzzing trend across the globe, the reality is that your most engaged teams perform better with a quality brew in their hands. 

...and that’s how NESCAFÉ became one of the world’s favourite coffees.

Our evergreen coffee journey 

In 1930, the Brazilian government asked us to preserve their huge coffee surpluses, and in turn, discover a way to revolutionise the traditional approach to coffee. The challenge was to make a cup of delicious, instant coffee. 

For years, our coffee specialist, Max Morgenthaler, experimented in brewing an instant coffee that would retain the coffee’s natural flavour. Years later, NESCAFÉ was born. Our brand was first launched in Switzerland in 1938, and it lived up to its successful prediction. Predominantly consumed during WWII, NESCAFÉ became a quick, easy coffee fix for soldiers who needed a convenient pick-me-up. After the war, our coffee was exported to France, Great Britain and the US, and the American troops became our brand ambassadors, spreading their love of NESCAFÉ coffee. 

With years of experience in adjusting our approach to enhance customers’ experiences, we have created a recipe that has allowed over 180 countries to choose our rich, smooth and aromatic taste as their go-to instant brew.

Driving success through sustainable growing 

Our teams are as passionate about producing quality coffee as you are drinking it. 

This complex process needs to be sustainable, and our approach supports social, environmental and economic standards. We take pride at every step to ensure each cup of NESCAFÉ has been grown responsibly. 

Environmental factors such as climate change, crop diseases, water shortages and a lack of resources can hamper the coffee industry if we are not careful. To withstand these conditions, we have invested in a responsible process where we are kind to our farmers and the land. We are dedicated to building respectful relationships with our farmers, and we will never stop creating new farming techniques that protect the planet and conserve our natural resources.

Building better futures one cup at a time

There are few things that connect people the way a quality cup of coffee does. Our unique heritage is intertwined with our respect and passion for our people – and your people. Support us in creating opportunities for our farmers, and we’ll keep providing you with a quality brew. We care about your employees’ wellbeing, and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Give them the gift of delicious coffee, and we’ll motivate your staff to keep surprising you.

If you’re ready to boost your office morale and make a difference, speak to Nestlé Professional today! Take your pick from our trusted, professional products and find a hot beverage solution that works for your business.