The many benefits of having a staff cafeteria

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Whether you’re an executive at a large corporate or the owner of a SME, you should be considering introducing a cafeteria. You may think that you pay your staff enough that they can feed themselves. And that might be true. But there are many benefits to having an onsite cafeteria. And you don’t necessarily have to offer your employees free food, you can simply make it cheaper for them than if they were to eat elsewhere.

So, what are these benefits that outweigh the cost of setting up a cafeteria in your building?

The many benefits of having a staff cafeteria

It will improve your company culture

You may believe your company culture is exactly as it should be. And maybe it is. However, there is always room for improvement and a cafeteria could do just that. This is especially true if your company is large and has many different departments which all sit on separate floors or in clusters. A cafeteria will bring them all together, although likely at different times. You’ll find accountants having a cup of delicious coffee with people from the marketing department. Or a creative sharing a sandwich with a member of the human resources department. People who would only usually interact on a professional level would suddenly be encouraged to get to know each other on a personal level.

You can offer healthy alternatives

If the closest place for your employees to pick up lunch is a fast food restaurant or the local grocery store’s deli section, they’re likely going to opt for junk food. And you may not think that’s a problem. Surely, what your staff members eat doesn’t affect you or your business? Wrong. What your employees eat affects your business because if they don’t eat well, they will likely be unhealthy. And if they’re unhealthy, they’ll probably be off sick for many days and when they’re at work, they won’t be as productive as they could be if they ate healthy food.

You can also design the menu to feed your employees foods that provide natural energy and help them focus. Of course, you’ll want to offer food they actually want to eat, especially one which includes popular condiments like Nestlé Maggie Sauce. Remember that healthy food doesn’t necessarily need to be tasteless food.

Your staff will see it as an employee benefit

No matter how many employee benefits your company offers or whether you offer any at all, having a cafeteria will be seen as something special you’re doing for your staff. Your current staff will appreciate that you care enough to make their lives simpler by offering food on the premises. They will feel as though you are thanking them for hard work and, in turn, they will feel thankful.

And having a cafeteria may be what gets a talented potential hire to sign on the dotted line. You might have done all the hard work of headhunting them for months and trying to sell the job to them because you know they would be a great asset, but they might need one more perk. And it could be seeing the cafeteria that makes it just a little bit easier for them to make the final decision. They’ll see it as you showing your employees that they matter.

Increases productivity

You may be wondering how having a place for people to go when they’re not at their desks could increase productivity. Well, the thing is that they’re going to leave their desks and it’s better that they remain in the building where their colleagues are hustling and bustling around. If they go out to eat at lunch, they’re probably not going to go with colleagues who want to talk to them about work. When they’re out of the building, work is likely off their mind. However, if they’re in the cafeteria, they may bump into someone who they’ve been meaning to talk to about a certain project. Or they may come up with an amazing new concept while having lunch with a person from another department who they usually wouldn’t talk to.

And having food available in the office means that they won’t have to leave the building everytime they feel hungry, thirsty or want a snack. The more time they spend in the office, the more they’ll be thinking about work and doing their job.

There are two things that will make all the difference in an office: food and good coffee. So, make sure you have both and you’ll be really happy with the results.