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While nutrition is of the utmost importance, it doesn’t have to get in the way of flavour. Nutripro makes it easy to strike the balance. The easy-to-follow recipes give you enough guidance to make meal nutrition less of a guessing game. Discover how to make the most of your nutritious meals below.

Nutripro recipes are specifically designed to help you manage your inventory. The products we select are meant to make it easy for you to make the recipe components while using ingredients that are as fresh as possible. Our seasonally focussed recipes ensure that you’re able to buy local and use produce that’s in season. When you buy from local growers, you’re getting ingredients that are optimally fresh. We encourage buying from local growers not only to support community growth but also to reduce the carbon footprint that transporting ingredients leaves.

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We’ve gathered scientific facts, best practices and new approaches to nutritious cooking from food and nutrition experts worldwide. Based on this information, we explore nutritional topics and provide you with insights as well as their implications for your business.


Take advantage of the research we’ve done, and incorporate our findings in your approach to food and nutrition. Knowledge is only valuable when it’s shared and used. You can view our existing training videos, read our library of materials, or contact your Nestlé Professional Sales Representative for more information.

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