Sundried tomato and basil pesto

An easy, fast and delicious meal that you can make.



    • MAGGI Original Chilli Sauce 
      100 ml
    • Sundried Tomatoes
      500 g (2cups)
    • fresh basil
      100 g
    • whole onion
    • Cloves of garlic, peeled
    • Cup Pine nuts  
    • Cup parmesan cheese  
    •  Cup extra virgin olive oil 


    1. Roughly chop onion and caramalise, with garlic on a hot pan on medium to high heat.
    2. Add other dry Ingredients in  a Food processor except olive oil.
    3. Blend to paste consistency adding olive oil gradually while still mixing
    4. Stop the machine , scrape down the sides and season salt and pepper.
    5. Repeat the action until blended to pesto consitently.
    6. Store in a jar with an air tight fitting lid.
    7. Can be refrigerated for up to one week or alternatively frozen for up to two months.
    8. Can be served as dip and on pasta dishes.