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Slow Cooked Mealies with Butter

Slow cooking mielies in MAGGI Oil Free Italian Salad Dressing really helps to bring out their sweetness and unique flavour. This “set and forget” recipe is simple but effective.



    • Corn, husk and silks removed, whole or cut in half
      6-8 pieces
    • Full cream milk
      1 cup
    • MAGGI Oil-Free Italian Salad Dressing
      ½ cup
    • Butter


    1. Fill a large pot halfway with water and bring up to the boil.
    2. Add in the milk, MAGGI Oil-Free Italian Dressing and butter.
    3. Add in the corn and reduce the heat. Place the lid on and cook for about 1 hour.
    4. Serve warm.


    Slow cooking with the MAGGI Oil-Free Salad Dressing range helps to tenderize and infuse flavor into your vegetables.