Nestlé Chocolates

KITKAT® Spread 3kg

Each tub of KITKAT®  Spread delivers the iconic KITKAT® texture thanks to its perfect blend of the rich high quality chocolate and crispy wafer pieces. A game changer for dessert applications, the KITKAT® spread is ready to use right out of the tub, it is also easy to spread that allows creativity and versatility in any form of application; from ice creams to baked pastries and even blended beverages.

Certified by Rainforest Alliance and made with chocolate sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, the KITKAT® Spread is also Halal-Certified and contains no Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils.

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Pack Size: 3KG

Application: Churros fillings/dip, spread on toast, chocolate milkshake, waffle topping, ice cream topping, chocolate fountain, filling or infused into pastry

Shelf life: 12 Months

Certification: HALAL