Suitable for Large Offices

NESCAFÉ Milano MTS60 E Combi

The future of coffee is waiting for you. An astonishingly simple solution that allows you to delight your customers with the specialty beverages they desire - all at the touch of a button.

The NESCAFÉ Milano MTS 60 E combi offers up to 48 high quality drink options, offering the best freshly ground beans, soluble coffee and hot chocolate to satisfy everyone's taste.



Suitable for Large Offices

Machine Features


NESCAFÉ® Milano MTS60 E Combi                                             

Dimensions H x W x D mm

666 / 422 / 599         

Weight (Empty) 34.4 kg
Power Consumption3000W
Water Supply MIN1- 8 bar
No of touchscreen Recipes MAX      48
No of Cannisters 5

No of Cups per Day