NESCAFÉ Alegria 8/60

Ideal Office Coffee Solution

Office Size: Large

Serving Capacity: Minimum of 50 cups per day

Features & Benefits:

  • Stylish design using premium finishes
  • Consistent beverage quality cup after cup
  • 8 menu selection boasting a wide variety of speciality hot beverages and NESCAFÉ Coffee beverages
  • Backed by a 24-month, comprehensive, after sales service plan “Cafécare
  • Fast dispensing solution


Dispensing Features

Number of selections:8
Number of canisters:5
Number of mixers:3
Canister Capacity:NESCAFÉ Alegria Black coffee
 NESCAFÉ Alegria White coffee
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Cappuccino
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Café Latte
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Mochaccino
 Nestlé Hot Chocolate
 Nestea Rooibos black
 Nestea Rooibos cappuccino