NESCAFÉ Alegria 8/60

Ideal Office Coffee Solution

Minimum of 50 cups per day

  • Stylish design using premium finishes
  • Consistent beverage quality cup after cup
  • 8 menu selection boasting a wide variety of speciality hot beverages and NESCAFÉ Coffee beverages
  • Backed by a 24-month, comprehensive, after sales service plan “Cafécare
  • Fast dispensing solution


Dispensing Features

Number of selections:8
Number of canisters:5
Number of mixers:3
Canister Capadity:NESCAFÉ Alegria Black coffee
 NESCAFÉ Alegria White coffee
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Cappuccino
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Vanilla Cappuccino
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Mocha Vanilla
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Café Latte
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Mochaccino
 Nestlé Hot Chocolate
 Nestea Rooibos black
 Nestea Rooibos cappuccino