NESCAFÉ Alegria 4/30

Small Coffee Machine

Average use of 30 cups per day

  • Smooth, luxurious and deliciously decadent hot beverages at a touch of a button
  • Consistent quality in the range of beverages offered
  • Compact and easy on space
  • Backed by a 24-month comprehensive after-sales service plan “Cafécare
  • Energy saving


Dispensing Features

Number of selections:4
Number of canisters:2
Number of mixers:1
Canister Capadity:NESCAFÉ Black Coffee
 NESCAFÉ White Coffee
 NESCAFÉ Espresso
 NESCAFÉ Cappuccino
 NESCAFÉ Alegria Vanilla Cappuccino
 Nestlé Hot Chocolate
 Nestea Black Tea
 Nestea Red Cappuccino