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  • Flavor can be broken down into its smallest components then built back up, from the inherent taste, texture, and even aroma of individual ingredients to the techniques and products that are used to enhance them
  • The skillful use of stocks, marinades, rubs, glazes, bastes, sauces, and condiments helps to create delicious food that will keep customers coming back for more
  • Product versatility translates to menu variety for an increasingly demanding customer, from always-popular comfort foods to exciting global specialties
  • Using speed-scratch items, from sauces to entrées, helps minimize waste and ease prep worries; more labor comes out of the equation, reducing cost and maximizing food safety


Flavor Power: Easy Plus-One Ideas

THIRD IN A SERIES: Plus One is a simple concept: Take a basic flavor-building ingredient and make it better by adding a second one. This gives you even more ways to multiply your flavors.
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Improve Your Menu with Multitasking Ingredients

SECOND IN A SERIES: Multitasking ingredients save time and money in the kitchen. A flavored butter, sauce, dressing, or gravy that can enhance several dishes keeps food costs, labor, and inventory in line.
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The Building Blocks of Flavor: Stocks, Marinades, Sauces, and More

FIRST IN A SERIES: Chefs know that building flavor is basic to good cooking. Marinades, stocks, rubs, glazes, and sauces are the building blocks to fantastic flavor. Learn how to use them here.
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