Whether you’re looking for on-trend appetizers, profitable new entrées, exciting desserts or delicious ideas for beverages, you’ll find the inspiration you need here.

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Nestlé BAR-ONE Pain Au Chocolate 

What could be easier than four, top quality ingredients coming together to create something tasty and unique. We’ve used our Nestlé Bar-One Spread to take it to the next level.


Ice Hazelnut Coffee

Flavoured Beverage. Cool down with some iced coffee! For a better visual impact you can garnish your beverage with whipped cream and drizzle it with MILANO sauce. You can also add some garnishes: marshmallows, chocolate flakes, crushed cookies, fruits…


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How to make the most of your catering business

When you start a catering company, you do it for the love of food and the love of being involved in an event no one will ever forget.

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The history of coffee is definitely an interesting one.

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