Find More Freedom with Ready to Flavor

    Introducing Ready to Flavor. Now you can use Minor’s® products in hot and cold applications without the added step of cooking.

    Minor's Ready To Flavor logo

    Flavor requires innovation. With the official launch of Minor’s four-year, multimillion-dollar Ready to Flavor initiative, the bases, concentrates, and sauces long trusted by chefs are now tested ready-to-eat. Add an instant surge of flavor to dishes across your menu with Minor's.

    Now these products can be used for hot and cold applications without the added step of cooking. That means that they can be safely used in salads, dressings, and other uncooked foods for:

    • Enhanced Flavor Across the Menu – Greater opportunity to add flavor throughout the menu 

    • Single Product Versatility – Optimize product usage with bases and concentrates that work in any application

    • Convenience – No cook step required, allowing for faster and easier recipe prep

    • Trusted Flavor – Same high-quality, authentic flavor and performance

    • No Equipment Restrictions – For use in all kitchens, including those with limited or no heating capabilities

    Ready to Flavor products will be launched in February 2016, along with companion operator tools including new recipes and menu concepts for both hot and cold (uncooked) applications. The new Flavor Matrix is also available to provide ideas for customizing Minor’s products to create signature flavors.

    Ready-to-Flavor Means Ready-to-Eat

    Nestlé Professional has always been ahead of the food safety curve. Now add another accomplishment: Minor’s products are now tested ready-to-eat. “Ready-to-eat” (RTE) is a technical term defined by the USDA and FDA. Minor’s is now recognized by the USDA as a ready-to-eat facility, meaning that food produced there is in a form that is edible without any additional preparation to achieve food safety.
    This status was accomplished through end-to-end optimization of all kitchen processes, an investment in the future that took four years and cost millions of dollars. The process entailed:
    • Optimizing sourcing and handling of ingredients

    • Enhancements to kitchen processes, including High Pressure Processing (HPP)—a natural, state-of-the-art pressure-preserve technique to reduce microbes without changing flavor, texture/physical integrity, color or nutritional content of the product.

    • Creation of a high-hygiene packaging environment

    • Extensive R&D and technical work was also undertaken in order to provide, the same flavor, consistency, and product performance so that these products continue to deliver the same chef-preferred flavor.

    The following categories have the Ready to Flavor benefit:


    Flavor Concentrates

    Sauce Preps

    Sauce & Gravy Concentrates

    Ready-to-Use Sauces

    Culinary Cream

    These products still require a cooking step to function properly and are not Ready to Flavor:

    Dry Gravy Mixes

    Dry Roux

    Freeze/Thaw Thickener

    Vegetarian Consommé